Experienced Players Should Play a LAG Style

5 Reasons Why Only Experienced Players Should Play a LAG Style

Playing a Loose Aggressive (LAG) style in poker can be highly profitable for the right players. However, it also carries great risks for inexperienced players. Here are 5 reasons why only seasoned poker veterans should attempt an LAG approach:

Hand Reading Ability

One of the keys to playing a loose aggressive poker style is being able to put your opponents on likely hand ranges based on their actions. This allows you to make aggressive moves with higher confidence when you sense weakness. Without strong hand reading skills developed over time, it’s nearly impossible to avoid costly mistakes playing a high volume LAG strategy.

Bankroll Management

An LAG style requires having a sufficiently large stack relative to the blinds and a proper bankroll for the limits you play. Without proper bankroll management, the natural swings of an LAG strategy can quickly bust an amateur. Experienced winning players know how to size their stacks and manage risk to survive the swings. They are also more likely to practice prudent bankroll management and therefore have plenty of buy-ins. This is important to sustain the inevitable swings that come with a volatile playing style.

Balancing Aggression

Finding the right balance between aggression and discretion is critical for LAG success. Veterans know how to pick their spots wisely rather than just always applying pressure. Too much aggression without nuance leads to spewing off stacks. It takes experience to calibrate your aggression effectively. This isn’t something you can quickly grasp and can often take years to find the balance. Without the timing and experience of playing post-flop, an amateur is more likely to spew chips foolishly without taking a step back at the right moment.

Emotional Control

Playing LAG correctly means being willing to make big bluffs and hero calls. It requires emotional control to not go on tilt when these high variance plays don’t work out. Without experience managing the swings, the emotional toll of LAG play can be too much for many players.

Exploiting Table Dynamics

Veterans are skilled at observing table dynamics and adjusting their LAG play accordingly. If players are playing too tightly, aggression can be profitable. But against other LAGs you may need to dial it back. Knowing when to press and when to lay back comes with experience.

In summary, the LAG strategy is very high variance and requires skills beyond the reach of most amateur players. Without time honing hand reading, bankroll management, aggression balancing, emotional control, and table dynamics exploitation – trying to play LAG is likely doomed to fail. Stick to a solid ABC poker strategy until you gather enough experience to successfully move up to an advanced LAG style.


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